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Wild camping in Ptuj and a weird guy

We started the next day hitchhiking from Ottenstin in Austria to Ptuj in Slovenia. The start was perfect – we managed to stop a car close to our camping and he took us close to Linz.

In Austria we managed to find Lifts instantly. One of our Lifts was really interesting. It was a woman from Salzburg who was visiting her father. She was a really religious person and at hitchhiking this could really get ugly, but we shared a lot of insights of our live and the insights and it was really good that we managed to talk with a lot of respect despite of the different life concepts. I really enjoyed this lift.

Close to Graz where we got dropped we had some waiting time, but we found a guy who was going to Croatia, but wanted to avoid the motorway. Therefore he passed Ptuj which was our luck.

We got dropped close to the city center and walked. Suddently we saw a guy who was playing. This was Farretin – the man who walks for peace, but in this moment we were not aware that we will get to know him better soon.

We arrived at the meeting point and were the first – a minute later the second team arrived and was a bit annoyed that we won, so we brought our stuff in the shadow, got a coffee and waited for the others.







After some teams arrived we checked out a position for caping and found a guy mowing his lawn. We asked him wether we can “Surf” his garden and he said “Yes”. So we stayed there for two days.

The first night ended up quite nice. We were sitting with local people in his flat and were drinking a bit – later a spontaneous jazz session started and we enjoyed the music.