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The first trip after Reboot – Antwerp Part 1

The first hitchhiking this year was towards Antwerp. I decided to go there with my girlfriend Laure.

We wanted to visit 3 different places during the trip. The first was the city of a friend where we wanted to stay for one day. The second place was Roermond – a small city in the Netherlands where we wanted to buy some stuff in an outlet center and our final destination Antwerp.

As we didn’t want to waste time, we decided to take a carpooling towards Hagen. This was a quite bad decission… The driver was quite creepy, but the other people were really cool.

We arrived at the place of my friend in the night and spoke with him until three before we went to bed.

The next mornig began really early – we left at half past seven towards the railwaystation where we took a nice breakfast and took a train to Wuppertal – where we want to start the hitchhiking.

We came to the Station and Laure jsut went to the restroom. Then we saw a car driving to the station and we asked the couple if they were going towards Duesseldorf. They weren’t sure and said that they were going to Roermond – which was our second destination. We asked if they could bring us there and one and a half hours later we arrived.

We did some shopping and left towards Antwerp. The beginning was really good and we arrived after a short while at a sevice station close to Breda. There we got stuck for three hours, because we got kicked off the gas station and had to use our thumbs.

Then we found a lift to Antwerp who dropped us close to the motorway – we met our host and went back to his home – there we slept really fast.Antwerp