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The first day in Angers

After sleeping I got up and ate a good breakfast.

Laure wanted to stay at home and help her mother and I wanted to do some geocashing. Therefore I took my gps and checked the caches. I found one really close and started walking.



I entered a park, walked around and found the cache after searching for a while. The park itself was great and it was nice to spend some time there.


Park in Angers

I could see a lot of small townhouses on the way back to my girlfriend’s house.

When I arrived I ate again with her mother and prepared for exploring the city. I got a ticket for the tramway and packed some water and started to explore the city.

When I arrived at the station I tried to use the ticket, which doesn’t work so I bought a new one and went to the city. I walked a bit and found a nice market and some nice buildings and I went up to the castle. I could take a look all over the city andI enjoyed it.


View from the castle

After some time I went back home for having another meal and to prepare to leave again with Laure.

We went to a really nice spot close to the Loire to geocash and just see the nature. The nature was incredible but the geocashing doesn’t work. We found the spot but there was a snake so we decided to skip searching for the cache…


The Loire



Angers religious building

Afterwards we went to a small lake to find another one which worked finally 🙂 The lake itself was really nice and we relaxed a bit. Then we drove around to see more nice spots: Another part of the loire, vineyards and a Mediterranean garden. and at the end we went back home and slept really fast.


A vineyard

Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean garden

old house

Angers old house