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Recapturing the Race – Part 1 – Würzburg and Austria

One month after coming back I checked my photos and realized how much I loved the places I went to and the people I’ve met.

I took a bus to the place where we started – the city of Würzburg and took instantly a taxi to the start point where I met the others and got my route – it was a nice one. The destinations on the way were Ottenstein in Austria, Ptuj in Slowenia, Jajce in Bosnia, Kotor in Montenegro, a small beck in Albania and the destination Ohrid.

After announcing the routes and hearing about the start time I went to bed in order to be awake the next morning.

The hitch to Ottenstein was quite complicated. We started walking to the gas station and after some kilometers we found a guy who took us to the station – arriving there we met Gero and friends who gave us their lift because they were totally full. It was a family who went to Italy.

We crossed the border to Austriaclose to Salzburg and had to wait there a while. But luckily we found a bus who took us towards Linz. It was a bus of young people from a village in Austria – they were singing local folk songs and drinking loads of beer.

We got off close to Linz and met some others from out route who got stuck there for some time. They allowed us to ask a driver who instantly took us to Melk – a small town close to the danube. From there we walked a bit, got a lift to Stift where we got stuck. But we got a really nice spot next to the danube. The next day we went up to the lake in Ottenstein without any problems.