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Is it possible to hitchhike to London in one day?

The short answer is yes – the long answer follows:

Starting in the morning I met CK and Romy at the s-bahn station Nikolassee and went to the station. Arriving there I was quit happy because usually I don’t like to start here but it was ok… it was a wednesday and usually there are not so many people hitchhiking those days. And my feeling was right – we were the only ones waiting there.

We started asking people and after maybe 10 minutes we found a guy who could take me – and we separated. When I left I’ve seen that the two others found a car, too. So we were all on the road. The guy who took me was working for a company which shoots interviews about sport events. They’re working usually for al jazeera and it was interesting to hear his stories. After some hours I was about to reach the station I gave CK a call and we met.

It took us some time to find a good lift so we decided to go one station further to Remscheid where we met another hitchhiker. He wanted to go to Austria – so he helped us and we helped him. he found a lift for me to Frechen – a station close to Cologne. The people in the car wanted to go to a funeral therefore they weren’t really talkative.

Arrived at freshen I’ve seen loads of Belgian cars but somehow I didn’t manage to find the drivers and after some time all cars were gone. I’ve seen a car from france and got the opportunity to get a lift to Liege. As my french is not the best we could’t talk so much but it was ok.

There I met a woman from gent who took me towards her city. When I sat in the car her daughter came and was puzzled – she told me about a festival in Gent – maybe next time.

From there I came towards Calais to the last station before the ferry. It was getting dark and I got worried that I don’t gat a lift but then I met a guy from my hometown and he took me without any problems. We took the train and talked a lot. He was buying medical equipment for poor countries and it was really nice. I arrived close to London and decided to sleep there instead of being in London at 3AM