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How to sleep on a boat

I arrived in the afternoon in London and CK, Romy and I went straight to the hide park – there we became really hungry so we tried to find a pub where we can eat something – we found one and it was ok – I took a nice burger and drank some really good cider.

After the meal we went to the node park and chilled out. We saw people playing with squirrels and talked a lot about everything.

Then I wanted to go to my host, because he said, that it would be a bit complicated to reach it. So I gave him a call and went to the Waterloo station and took a train to Kingston.

When I arrived Andrew – a resident of the boat picked me up and we went to the boat. We talked about him and my trip – he was a writer from Lublin in Poland who came to London and got stuck there and worked as a construction worker and is enjoying the city.

When we arrived I had to climb on the boat via a small tree and have to go along the edge of the boat which was really narrow.


The way on the boat

Then I met Nick – who was my host – he was also a creative person who wrote theater pieces for children and worked at different Schools together with other kids. We kept chatting for a while but I had to prepare my bed early because I didn’t have light and I didn’t want to set up everything in the Dart. So I put my air mattress on the ground and then I took a beer outside – talking to the other guys.


I slept quite good and I din’t wake up – so sleeping on a boat is fine for me ­čśë



Laure on the Boat