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Hitchhiking to France

We woke up in the early morning and went to the “toilet”. Afterwards we had to refill the car and tried to find a gas station which was open – this was not that easy because it was a public holiday and therefore a lot of shops were closed.

After refilling we dropped the car and the key at the Europcar station and went to the S-Bahn – which was a bit complicated because we forgot the right way, but we managed to do it!

We took the train towards Frechen. We got off and went to a bakery where we bought an awesome breakfast and went to a service station on the motorway 🙂

Arriving at the station we saw a car with a french license plate and we walked a bit around and after a while the driver came out and Laure ran to him and asked him if he could take us and he said yes. He was going home towards the Border of France and Belgium close to Lille and he agreed to drop us close to Mons. He was visiting friends in Germany and was on his way back to his girlfriend. It was a rather short trip and after a while he dropped us at the service station where we tried to find an other Lift.

There we went to the toilet and I got for some reasons 5 of the toilet vouchers which I used to buy really cheap water 😉 We were walking around when we saw an orchestra from a group of teens. We were asking people until we found a spanish guy who wanted to go to a city in the south of Paris and I know that there was a service station where we can get dropped. I was sleeping all the time therefore I can’t tell so much about this person.

After getting dropped close to Péronne we started to ask people and looking for cars from the area of angers but it took a while and after some time other hitchhikers arrived. Short time later an old bus with a couple stopped. They wanted to go to Le Havre and they took us. We had a lot of luck this day!

They were going surfing in the area of Le Havre and were sleeping in this bus. Therefore they had anything needed with them. They provided us with snacks and chats about nature and surfing, but they were driving really slowly and it took a while until we arrived at the last station before the intersection we wanted to take.

We got off and asked immediately a woman who was refilling the air in the tires and again she said yes – I think we were good boys and girls that it worked so perfect. The woman was hitchhiking in her youth and knew the feelings we had. We went you Rouen and I saw a bit of the city because she had to cross it and it was quite complicated because there were closed bridges. But it worked out and we went further. I slept again and Laure talked to her a lot about politics.

Shortly before we left the motorway I woke up and I was suppressed that the motorway was quite empty and I was really scared that we won’t get a lift. Then the station came and we left the motorway – this usually is the end of a late trip because it is really hard to get a lift at those stations. We left the car and the only car on the station. It was a Bus with a horse in a trailer. I thought this will never work but the guy said yes.

He was a horse trainer and was on the way back from a race and he took us to Angers where the sister took us and we ate a bit and afterwards her mother made a night tour with us. She showed me all the places I had to go to. I was prepared for the next days and went to bed for sleeping.