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Hitchhiking back to Berlin

As we prepared our backpacks the day before we had some time for a nice breakfast and left then towards the spot Jelle told us.

We arrived hat 9:30 in the morning and it was really the dream of each hitchhiker. We reused our old Einhoven sign and waited five minutes. Then a car stopped and the driver realized quite fast that Eindhoven was the wrong direction. Five more minutes and a lovely couple stopped and took us to a service station close to Antwerp.

There we asked the first guy if he could take us to Cologne – which also worked. He was a police officer who was on his way back to work and we talked a bit about the people in Cologne and Berlin.

He dropped us in Frechen and I thought that this day would be easygoing but the rest of the day was quite hard. We got stuck for some time and mor and more hitchhikers arrived. In the end we were around 10 Hitchhikers at the station and it was hard to get a lift.

After three hours we found a girl who brought us towards Lichtendorf. She was moving to Aachen and brought the car back to her father.

Our back luck didn’t end. When we arrived the gas station was our of order and it was again hard to find a lift. After a while we found a couple who took us but we had to pay 30 Euros what we did because we wanted to get home…

They dropped us close to my flat and Laure and I ate and went to bed