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Antwerp Day 2 – Exploring and an open air museum

The second day in antwerp started really relaxed we slept really long on Jelles bed which was really cozy.
We took a brakfast and left arround noon.

The first thing we saw in the city was a showman who made a juggling and trick show which was quite funny. The next stop was the market where we bought some cheese. Afterwards we just went to the old city and the Groene Markt and the Grote Markt with the Stadthuis


Afterwards we went to the tourist information to get information about our next days destination Doel – a village full of streetart.

The rest of the day we spent in the Nachtegalenpark and the Middelheimmuseum – a big parc and an open air museum

After that we spent the day with Jelle – we ate a bit and drank some beers