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A marriage, a exhibition and a hard way back

The next day was fully reserved for a marriage – we prepared ourselves and I wore the first time a good shirt.

We started far too late and we had to hurry but somehow we had a lot of luck and we made it. The people were really happy to see us and we were a small attraction because some of the guests knew that we hitchhiked.

I was quite bored, because nearly nobody spoke english or german and my french is quite bad, too so I drank a bit and chatted with the people.

On the way from the marriage to the party we took some detours and found an exhibition for contemporary art installations


Art Exihibition

We went to the party and played some games and we came back really late and slept.

The next day we wanted to go home so we packed our backpacks and took all the stuff. Around noon we took a carpooling towards Paris but this was a bad Idea. We got stuck in a lot of traffic jams so we were really worried if we can make it in time.

Shortly before Paris we left the car and took a train, but there weren’t any vendor machines so we had to blackride, which could be quite complicated in Paris.

At the first station of the inner circle we left the train and some other people with bikes also. We used them to escape from the barricades and used our tickets for the center of paris, which worked perfectly 🙂

When we arrived at the station where our train was going back to berlin I called a friend and we met and drank some beers and chatted. Then I took the train back home