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A bike tour to the small city of Doel

The next day we rented bikes in the city and went to the north, to visit the small city of Doel. We went along the river and saw a lot of nature and the refineries of the different Oil companies.

After around 90 minutes of biking we arrived at the small village of Lillo where we wanted to stay a bit but we were not able, because the ferry to Doel was about to leave so we took it. This was the first time we realized that the city is not that abandoned.

On the ferry

In Doel we walkend around for hours and saw really good street art, but also some really annoying people who didn’t care about anything. But it was a really awesome place



For the way back to Antwerp we took another route through the harbor and saw more refineries and a really cute small village. When we came back to Antwerp we ate and prepared our backpacks and went straight to bed.